Daily Plan

Our daily plan is scheduled to reduce the number of transitions as well as offer a predictable routine for children to count on. Although we do maintain this we also allow for changes depending on the need and work of the children on a day to day basis.

Morning Program

8:30 Arrivals

9:00 Classroom Meeting

9:30 Activities/Snack/Projects

10:30 Clean up-Group Gathering

10:45 Outdoor time

11:45 Group gathering/ wash up

12:00 Pick up

Afternoon Program

1:00 Arrival Outdoor

2:30 Clean up-Group Gathering

3:00 Activities/Snack/Projects

4:15 Group gathering/ wash up

4:30 Afternoon pick-up

Full Day

9:00 Classroom meeting

12:30 Quiet rest-Story time

4:30 Afternoon pick up

Note: children in full day program will participate in both morning and afternoon activities

Early Care

7:30- School opens early arrivals snack

8:00-8:45 Indoor choice

After Care

4:30 Indoor/outdoor choice

5:30 School closes-Final pick up

Lunch and Language Arts


Children will participate in a Language arts activity including Spanish and/or music and have a nutritious social lunch provided.